Soil Science Simplified.

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Waveland Press, Inc.
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Throughout its previous four editions, Soil Science Simplified has helped generations of students understand the basic concepts and scientific principles of soils. The Fifth Edition expands on that foundation, providing a perfect overview for those seeking a concise, practical introduction to the subject. The authors' combined 100 years of teaching experience result in a handbook that won't confuse or intimidate students. The Fifth Edition retains the text's solid grounding in classification, genesis, and morphology of soils. New chapters cover such contemporary topics as soil mineralogy, soil moisture regimes, current soil survey practices, and how soil management practices directly affect the quality of a variety of water resources.
Franzmeier, Donald P.. McFee, William W.. Graveel, John G.. Kohnke, Helmut. 2016. Soil Science Simplified. Waveland Press, Inc..