Introduction to Agronomy: Food, Crops, and Enviroment.

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Cengage Learning
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This full-color introduction to agronomy and crop science offers both traditional agricultural students and students with nonagricultural backgrounds a timely look at the principles of crop science, sustainable agriculture, and a host of related societal issues. A must-read text for anyone interested in what are arguably the most profoundly important issues of our time, INTRODUCTION TO AGRONOMY, second edition addresses the basics of safe and sustainable food and fiber production as well as big picture topics such as energy, ecology, and environmental quality. Throughout the text, readers will find information and illustrations on the latest agricultural methods, regulations, and practices--and how each is impacting our society and each individual within it.
Sheaffer, Craig C.. Moncada, Kristine M.. 2023. Introduction to Agronomy: Food, Crops, and Enviroment. Cengage Learning.